From the Newsroom. To the Boardroom. To the Living Room.

I began my writing career as an Editorial Assistant in a stuffy newsroom in the nineties. Police scanner crackling in the background. Air Supply on the radio, the soundtrack of my fake Mary Richards (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) life.

Rewriting press releases and obituaries may sound boring, but I was in my element.

I had my dream-job at the age of 19 and worked my way to News Reporter with a by-line and everything.

Later I worked in a communications capacity within various industries:

  • medical
  • clinical research
  • insurance
  • finance
  • media
  • communications

Now, from the comfort of my living room and under direct supervision of a no-nonsense 6 year old and demanding Bombay cat, I create engaging content that converts.

Actually, there is some nonsense.  Also shenanigans.  Lots of shenanigans.

I have a background in journalism and communications as well as digital marketing, email marketing, blogging and video content creation.

I am a married homeschooling mother of four (first grade through college age)

When I’m not writing or reading, I’m drinking coffee and reading or writing. I also pick up LEGO pieces in my spare time.

So many LEGO pieces.